Scandinavian Baltic Pancreatic Club Forum of Excellence is a forum for physicians from the Scandinavian and Baltic countries with specific scientific and empirical knowledge on pancreatic diseases. The forum was established in 2012 with the purpose to develop a scientific working group across borders improving the understanding of the complex mechanisms underlying chronic pancreatitis. The specialists in the working group comes from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia representing highly scientifically active centers in the different countries. 

In 2016, the forum established a prospective database for patients with chronic pancreatitis, which became one of the largest prospective databases on this patient population in the world (2500 patients). The primary aim was: 1) to characterize and describe the natural history of CP in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and 2) to provide a basis for future prospective, observational studies.

In 2021, unfortunately we had to close the first database because of changes in the general data protection regulations (GDPR). In 2022, the forum decided to establish a second database fulfilling the new legal regulations. This have given us the opportunity to reset the database for new longitudinal studies, and also to make a biobank and an imaging bank. 

This website will inform you about the latest update of the database and the statue of all the projects initiated in the group